crowns, crowning, crowned
1) N-COUNT A crown is a circular ornament, usually made of gold and jewels, which a king or queen wears on their head at official ceremonies. You can also use crown to refer to anything circular that is worn on someone's head.

...a crown of flowers.

2) N-PROPER: the N The government of a country that has a king or queen is sometimes referred to as the Crown. In British criminal cases the prosecutor is the Crown.

She says the sovereignty of the Crown must be preserved.

...a Minister of the Crown.

...chief witness for the Crown.

3) VERB: usu passive When a king or queen is crowned, a crown is placed on their head as part of a ceremony in which they are officially made king or queen.

[be V-ed] Elizabeth was crowned in Westminster Abbey on 2 June 1953...

[be V-ed n] Two days later, Juan Carlos was crowned king.

[V-ed] ...the newly crowned King.

4) VERB If one thing crowns another, it is on top of it. [LITERARY]

[V n] Here another rugged castle crowns the cliffs and crags.

[V-ed] ...a very striking face, crowned by an abundance of hair.

5) N-COUNT: usu sing, usu with supp Your crown is the top part of your head, at the back.

He laid his hand gently on the crown of her head.

6) N-COUNT: usu sing The crown of a hat is the part which covers the top of your head.
7) N-COUNT A crown was a British coin worth five shillings.
8) N-COUNT A crown is an artificial top piece fixed over a broken or decayed tooth.
9) N-COUNT: oft n N In sport, winning an important competition is sometimes referred to as a crown.

...his dream of a fourth Wimbledon crown.

10) VERB An achievement or event that crowns something makes it perfect, successful, or complete.

[V n] It is an important moment, crowning the efforts of the Cup organisers...

[V n] The summit was crowned by the signing of the historic START treaty.

[V-ing] ...the crowning achievement of his career.

11) VERB If you crown your career with a success or achievement, you have a final success or achievement which is greater than all the others you have had. [WRITTEN]

[V n with n] He went on to crown a distinguished career in radio and television with his book `The Price of Victory'. [Also V n by -ing]

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